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May 2010



Puerto Rico The Board Game

I was just checking out boardgamegeek to read up on the latest boardgame news (yes, I know how nerdy that sounds lol) and I was surprised to see that there is a new #1 boardgame….Puerto Rico! This is one of our favorite games so I am happy to see that it is rightfully at the top of the list. I recently played the #2 game, Agricola, which is tons of fun too but SO COMPLICATED. My mind was kind of blown each time it was my turn because there were so many different options.

Anyways, Puerto Rico seems like a complicated game at first but after you play it a few times, it’s actually pretty easy to play and I highly recommend it to serious board gamers. If you are interested in playing it…I just noticed it’s on sale at at an AMAZING price!

It’s regularly $45 and on sale for $28 with free shipping (and no tax for most states)!!!

This game is highly strategic. It involves no dice and is a turn based game in which each player gets to choose roles to play. If anyone wants to learn to play this game, contact me and we’ll teach you how to play! Or if you already play, contact me so we can play sometime! We are always looking for new players.


Comment from Hakushaku
Posted: June 1, 2010 at 9:10 am

“I was just checking out boardgamegeek to read up on the latest boardgame news (yes, I know how nerdy that sounds lol)”

You know, I really don’t think you do. The phrase “read up on the latest boardgame news” has such nerd-gravitas that I don’t think its even possible at this point to escape from its gravitational pull. You could literally turn into the Fonz tomorrow and play 9-ball in a smoky pool room for the next 20 years, and that would still not counteract the nerdosity of that statement.

Comment from che
Posted: June 2, 2010 at 10:40 am

i used to work with a guy about 5 years ago who was a huge board game freak. he spoke highly of this game. too bad i dont keep in touch with him (or even remember his name lol) else i would ask him for suggestions :)