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Meal Planning Week 6

Monday: Sesame Udon Noodles – I may sub the tofu for some other type of protein but we’ll see. Also will add some bell pepper to the mix! Wednesday: Spinach Tortellini Salad Friday: Japanese Style Linguine with Clams – what makes it japanese? The use of sake, shiitake mushrooms, and nori sprinkled on top! I […]

Meal Planning Week 5

Monday – Sauteed Shrimp With Coconut Oil (with rice): I love cooking shrimp when I need a fast dinner. It cooks so fast and is always available in my freezer! Boyrobot and I love to eat the really big shrimps. Wednesday – Bulgur With Mushrooms and Asparagus: I bought some bulgur for one of the […]

Emma’s 11 Month Update

I can NOT believe we are 1 month away from Emma turning 1!!! She still seems very much a baby to me. It doesn’t help that she is definitely on the small end of the scale (weighing around 15 lbs!!) and not yet walking. Where she is lacking physically she is making up with her […]

Meal Planning Week 4

Chicken broth was a success. I really enjoyed sipping on the broth every morning and it was honestly so much yummier than anything store bought! It made the chicken soup with rice “the best chicken soup you’ll ever have”. I thought that recipe was so simple but really it’s golden if you make your own […]

Emma’s 10 Month Update

***Below was written around the 10 month mark and I got so busy that I never finished til now*** I can’t believe the only time I ever update this blog is when I force myself to do Emma’s monthly updates. That just tells you how busy being a parent is!! Emma has been a little […]

Meal Planning Week 3: Chicken

Ever since I started reading about the benefits of bone broth, I really wanted to start incorporating it in my family’s meal plans. I know growing up in an Asian household we always had some type of soup at dinner every day. Since I don’t usually eat or cook Vietnamese food on a daily basis, […]