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3 Days Til Google Reader Dies & Other Updates

Sorry I haven’t been posting lately. I seriously spent most of my evenings this month trying to save all of my hundreds of saved and tagged items from Google Reader. It wasn’t until this past week that Feedly finally added tags and a browser version that I was finally able to breathe a sigh of […]

Emma’s 1 Year Birthday Questions

This is a pinterest pin: 20 Questions to ask kids every year on their birthdays Since Emma can’t talk yet, I’ll try to answer the best I can…so it *might* be a little biased…haha 1. What is your favorite color? red (Emma always reaches for red things we noticed!) 2. What is your favorite toy? […]

Emma’s 12 Month Update

I keep saying this but really….I can NOT believe my daughter is 1 YEAR OLD! She is no longer a baby…she is a toddler. Before I know it she will be a teenager, going off to college, getting married. OMG things are moving too fast!!! As I navigate parenthood, I find myself fluctuating between wishing […]

Emma’s 11 Month Update

I can NOT believe we are 1 month away from Emma turning 1!!! She still seems very much a baby to me. It doesn’t help that she is definitely on the small end of the scale (weighing around 15 lbs!!) and not yet walking. Where she is lacking physically she is making up with her […]

Emma’s 10 Month Update

***Below was written around the 10 month mark and I got so busy that I never finished til now*** I can’t believe the only time I ever update this blog is when I force myself to do Emma’s monthly updates. That just tells you how busy being a parent is!! Emma has been a little […]

Emma’s 9 Month Update

Just a quick update so I remember what happened this past month! This month was kind of a blur. For once we didn’t go anywhere and had no big events happening. Weekends were filled with playdates, shopping, and boyrobot’s basketball games. She said her first word – “mama” and has in general been babbling a […]

Emma’s 8 Month Update

8 months! Seriously? This month brought more trips and another plane ride for Emma. She has become quite the jetsetter! I’m so happy she has been such a great traveler for us. We have one more trip planned this year but it’s not until August. I wonder if we can squeeze in another trip until […]

Emma’s 7 Month Update

I used to think I wasn’t much of a baby person and that I couldn’t wait til she was a toddler or a small kid more. But now I think I know why people love the baby stage so much. It’s the stage when you can do no wrong, they don’t talk back, and they […]

Halloween Recap

Did you ever watch Jimmy Kimmel’s Halloween video last year? The one where he had parents tell their kids that they ate all of their halloween candy and to film their reactions? Well he did it again this year and the video is just as funny! Those kids at the end just kill me with […]

Emma’s 5 Month Update

I can’t believe Emma is 5 months already!! I have a feeling I will be saying this with every update. They really do grow up so fast! She feels like such a part of our family. I barely remember a time when she was not with us. Although sometimes I am still shocked at the […]