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December 2022



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Girlrobot Back For a Limited Time!

Remember when I used to post every weekday?? Well I’ve decide while I am on maternity leave to resurrect the good ole days of this website until at least the baby comes. We’ll see how long she gives me! ;) I’m still undecided about the format of my daily posts but I think there might […]


It finally hit me when I found out a girl I know who is also pregnant and due in May just had her baby yesterday…there is going to be a little person in our family soon! Up until now, I was not really scared or nervous because I was so miserable being pregnant that anything […]

The Coolest Feeling

I’m 32 weeks now and it really feels like there is an actual baby inside of me. In the beginning when the baby moved, I wasn’t even sure it was the baby or not. Now it feels like there are arms, legs, and a head in there and she is constantly rolling around and moving. […]

Pregnancy Update: Third Trimester

Before I got pregnant, I remember a coworker telling me to keep a journal throughout the whole thing and how helpful it was to look back for future pregnancies. My cousin even got me the cutest elephant baby journal. I also had big plans to take weekly photos of my growing belly. Then I got […]

Elephant Baby Shower

A few pictures from the baby shower my sister and cousins threw me this past weekend. Front door with my sister’s hand dyed bunting An amazing diaper cake from my cousin. I loved this…we needed diapers! Favor table. I loved the glassine envelopes my sister sewed with the most beautiful elephant cookies inside. My sister […]


In my attempt to bring back my “creative” side, I signed up for this e-course about art journaling. It provides 52 prompts/themes you can use as inspiration for your journal pages. I really miss blogging and feel like I should be writing more during this important time of my life. Perhaps this will help! The […]

I’m So Ready For 2012

Honestly, 2011 has been a complete blur. I barely remember the first half and am just consumed with the fact that I was pregnant and miserable the last half. In fact, I am sitting here on my bed feeling completely nauseous with an unbearable pressure in my throat (heartburn?) and a sore tailbone. I’m SO […]

Surprise! An Update

Wow. Has it really been since october since I last updated? Remember when I used to blog practically everyday? Boy, have things changed. And I am not just talking about my blogging habits… yup….there’s a baby bot growing inside me! it still freaks me out to think about it. This ultrasound was only at about […]

30 Days Of Doing Stuff

So I just read about this social initiative encouraging people to make something every day of June… 30 Days of Creativity I’m inspired. But I don’t think I’m creative enough to make something every day for a whole month! I do have some craft projects that I would like to attempt, some recipes I want […]

Things On My Mind

1. This one is for all the people I know who feel the same way I do about having kids: Dear Sugar…. Wow never have I related more to an advice column question! I guess for some ppl we’ll never get that “feeling”… 2. Kind of find it funny that people are still talking about […]