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Archive for November 22nd, 2006

Getting The XBox 360 From Amazon

Reminder to try and get the Xbox 360 tomorrow on Amazon! If you want a slight edge, I suggest you download firefox since it loads pages faster than IE. And with the amount of people who are going to be logging on tomorrow, any edge will make a difference. If you are looking to download […]

How To Bypass Voicemail Greetings on Cellphones

Use this tip to save minutes on your cellphone usage each month. Bypass any voicemail greeting by pressing the following numbers (this only works if you know the other person’s carrier though): Verizon or Cingular: press * Sprint: press 1 T-Mobile: press # PS. I use Tmobile. :)

AllAdvantage Is Back (The Program That Pays You To Surf The Web)

Remember that program a few years back that paid you for surfing the web? Well it’s back! If you want to learn more about it go here: link If you sign up please use my referral ID: BBBB1116 You can sign up here: You get paid in cash and stocks and there is a […]

Corporate Zombies

THESE ARE SO AWESOME. These are part of The Cubes but they are the Corporate Zombies version. Oh so fitting if you work for “the man”. I am really tempted to get a set! I like the girl holding the laptop. That’s me! Would it be inappropriate for me to get this for my Secret […]

Today Is A Good Day

Today I scored an Elmo TMX at the Toys R Us in Hawthorne!!!! The trick to getting an Elmo (or any hot item) is to call them everyday in the morning and ask them if they have any in stock or are getting a shipment anytime soon. Since they limit 1 per customer it’s not […]

Sweet Potato Fries Recipe

Maybe it’s because of Thanksgiving but I’m in the mood for some sweet potato fries!! I’ve had them twice. Once at Cafe 50s and another time at Cobras & Matadors. Both times were soooo yummy. I love french fries in general though. :) I think I will try and make these sometime soon. And don’t […]