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February 2007



MythBusters Results

Here’s a cool link:

Every MythBuster result ever tested on the show.

Good to know:

You can escape a car that has fallen into the water immediately after hitting the water.


There is not enough water pressing on the door to keep it shut. Adam escapes easily.


SPINOFF: A black car heats up faster than an identical white car. (From pilot 2)


A fan wrote in and asked a follow up question: “Does the color of a car affect the way it heats up?”. The MythBusters used two identical cars, one black the other white and left them both out in the summer heat with thermometers in both. By mid-afternoon the black car had heated up to a temperature of 135 °F while the white car topped off at 126 °F, almost 10 degrees cooler.

It’s not safe to eat off the floor but what about the toilet seat?

The toilet seat is the cleanest place in your house.


Adam tested this myth just out of curiosity and when the results were compared to the bacteria samples from the “five-second rule” tests, the toilet seat actually proved cleaner than all other surfaces tested.

When are we getting vodka mints?

Vodka can kill bad breath.


After a mixture of 1 cup Vodka and 9 tbsp of cinnamon powder was left to sit for two weeks in a sealed flask and then strained. It managed to eliminate most odors on par with an over-the-counter mouthwash. The only bad breath smell not eliminated was from smoking cigarettes.


Comment from Hakushaku
Posted: February 20, 2007 at 11:31 pm

That first one is a little misleading, as it means that you can open the door only IMMEDIATELY after hitting the water. In another episode that was just on two days ago, they tried it after waiting a few seconds, when the car goes underwater, and at that point, its completely impossible until the car fills completely with water. The guy was literally pushing off with his legs and still couldn’t get it open, even when the car was like 99% full.

So if you crash, get your shit in gear and open that door right away, kids.