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Lost Season 4 Episode 1 Trivia

Yay! Lost is back. Best. Show. Ever. Man, I forgot how awesome this show is. And yes, it is better than Heroes in my opinion. Especially compared to Heroes season 2 which was sorely disappointing. Some interesting tidbits I dug up about the first episode which btw which completely freaked me out as I’m watching […]

Fake What If Paparazzi Photos

These pictures are genius. They’re by Alison Jackson. Bush with rubik’s cube Bill Gates with his Ipod Brad shaves Angelina See larger resolutions and the rest of the pictures here (PS. there are a few that are semi NSFW!) Speaking of cool pictures/art, check out these made completely out of brown duct tape. Amazing!

Most Expensive Legal Pets To Own

Ever wondered what crazy animals you can actually own? Here’s the top 3: 3. Lavender Albino Python Female Price Tag: $20000 2. Chimpanzee Price Tag: $60,000-$65,000 1. White Lion Cubs Price Tag: $138,000 See the full list here.

$1 Image Stabilizer For Your Camera

A good substitution for a tripod: $1 Image Stabilizer For Any Camera – Lose The Tripod – Watch the best video clips here

Typical Breakfasts By World Regions

Yeah, Wikipedia really does have an entry for everything. Here’s a page listing what a typical breakfast is for each world region. Great for when you are traveling and want to eat what the locals eat. Typical kaiseki breakfast in Japan

Brain Dump Mondays: The Bucket List

I know I know, that movie The Bucket List looks cheesy, but I love the concept! I’ve decided to add a new category called the “bucket list” which consists of things I want to do. I will continue to add to it from here on out. Most items on my to do list are usually […]

Friday Links

Top 10 stories you missed in 2007 by Foreign Policy Best blond joke ever – And you thought you had heard them all :P Marathon runner catches would be burglar – note to self: don’t steal from marathon runners 5 minute ipod phone/touch cozy tutorial – well 5 minutes if you know how to sew! […]

Has A Bird Ever Pooped On You?

When I was kid, a bird pooped on my brother’s hand and he screamed like a girl. This is 1000000x worse!

The Apple Commercial Proposal

I’ve heard/seen some good proposals but this one is SO creative!!! Awwwwwwwwwwwwww.

U-Haul Settles California Class Action

If you’ve ever used U-Haul before to move, you know it’s quite a headache. Your reservation is never guaranteed so you risk the chance of not having a truck when you are supposed to have one. Which is horrible because usually people take a day off from work or make special arrangements to have the […]