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February 2008



Food Tips

AOL compiled a nice list of their favorite user submitted food tips, a lot of them I’d never heard of. My favorites:

“So you’ve been out at the beach, and you are fried lobster red. Don’t panic — just take a potato and grate it (leaving peel and everything on it) and put it where you are burnt. Wait 30 minutes and remove the potato. Take a cool shower. Not only is the heat gone, but the next day so will be the pain and most of the red — if not all.” — Juliana

But what helps bread stay fresh? Joy Taylor says, “To keep bread longer place a carrot in the bag. It will freshen bread like it was just baked.”

“Put some cola in your coffee pot let it soak. Add some ice cubes, swirl them around the coffee pot and most stains will rinse right out.” — Rhonda

“I spilled red wine on cream carpet, I immediately covered it with a box of salt. The next morning, I vacuumed it up. No stain was visible.” — Patty (Note – this also works for Kool-Aid stains.)

“If you’re having trouble with mosquito bites, put a piece of raw onion on them for about 2 minutes. It stops the itch, and takes the redness away.” — Cher

“Cats HATE the smell of citrus, so lightly rubbing your wood furniture with orange or lemon rinds or oils will help deter cats. It doesn’t do much for dogs, though.” — Jenni

“When you move a piece of furniture and the area is all matted down, put a few ice cubes on the spot and allow them to melt. Then vacuum and voila! The spot looks as good as the area around it.” — Nicole

“Take a small bag of Fritos corn chips with you hiking or camping as a great fire starter. They are loaded with oil and will easily burn long enough to get a fire started.” — Mark

“Cinnamon works for repelling ants. If you find where they are coming in, sprinkle cinnamon on the trail and they will not go over it. It worked for me and I had no more ants in my kitchen.” — Raelene

Read tons more here.


Comment from yoshi
Posted: February 27, 2008 at 9:04 am

That’s some good tips. The coke tip gets me though. It just makes me wonder why we drink soda in the first place if it can clean stains :D

Comment from che
Posted: February 27, 2008 at 3:02 pm

very useful cool tips! i could use the matted carpet tip haha