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May 2008



New Features On Girlrobot

Not all new but I failed to mention them before so people who read my blog through an RSS reader might not have seen them:

1. Chat with me – on the sidebar there is a link if I’m logged into my gmail, it will display that I’m online and you can talk to me in real time! In fact, I just had a chat with reader Lori today and I’ve met a few other readers this way in the past. Fun!

2. Share This – I’ve finally fixed my Share This link so it’s not showing up twice and isn’t hard to read. You can now share any of my posts on a variety of bookmarking/social sites as well as emailing it to a friend. Very simple to use….try it!

3. Random post – I used to have this but somehow it disappeared. Now it’s back! Click on Random Post (found at the bottom of each post next to the Share This link) to be magically transported to a random post on girlrobot. ha ha.

In other news, I’ve started a new wedding blog called One Red String. I basically highlight the cool wedding posts/ideas I come across on the web. I realize that most girlrobot readers aren’t really interested in boring wedding stuff but if you are going to get married anytime in the future, check it out for some unique and fun ideas for your wedding! I post craft links, tips, and even hot deals related to weddings.

Lastly, I’d like your opinion on some possible future changes:

How many posts would you like to see a day on girlrobot?
1 – Dont change
2 or 3 would be perfect
As many as possible – Im really bored at work

That’s weird…I had 2 polls but the other one won’t show up. It was about Brain Dump Mondays and if I should continue them or not.

Any other suggestions or changes you’d like to see? Thanks!!!


Comment from pokebot
Posted: May 9, 2008 at 3:11 pm

Can you post on weekends too?! Haha

Comment from Braden
Posted: May 12, 2008 at 6:57 am

Awesome idea of having a chat applet in your side bar!