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May 2008



Braindump Mondays: Weekend Recap

I went to my first bride expo this weekend! Gosh, everyone there was doing some type of raffle for amazing prizes like a free trip to tahiti or engagement photos, etc. To enter you have to sign your name, email, phone number, and about 10 million other things. By the 5th entry, I started to wonder if this was just a ploy to get all of my info. My friend tells me that it is and no one really wins. Humph. Not doing that again… I did get some cool coupons though like 40% off these cake toppers:

Is this kind of a creepy caketopper?!

Another first was that I pretty much bowled the BEST GAME OF MY LIFE! I had 4 strikes in a single game! I think in my whole life I’ve bowled 4 strikes so to do it in one game is pretty crazy. I won some yummy brodard rolls out of it :)

This weekend has been so unbelievably hot. So much that I can only use my laptop for half an hour before it starts to burn a hole in my lap. So…until it gets cooler, shorter posts!


Comment from che
Posted: May 19, 2008 at 9:26 am

it is a ploy… after about a month or so after i attended the bridal show in san diego, i started getting emails and postcards in the mail. it’s not so bad but all the vendors are in sd which i dont need anymore. luckily i only signed up for the places that were giving away free stuff, haha