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Friday Links

Should you choose a roth 401K or a regular 401K? – ahh the questions you ask when you start getting old
How to make a watermelon keg – perfect for summer BBQs
Final Jeopardy blog – a blog that posts the final Jeopardy question of the day
Famous people punching Steve – yeah, completely random
Ann Coulter thinks Bush is the greatest president ever – can’t wait to read Hakushaku’s comments on this one :)

2002 Pulitzer prize for editorial cartooning:


Comment from Andy @ bloginyourface
Posted: June 20, 2008 at 4:48 pm

That lady is a moron. I could pick that editorial apart all day…but I won’t bother. But seriously, if Detroit and Chicago are so dangerous, why aren’t we spending the 700 million dollars a day that we are spending in Iraq and bring it home to fight crime in our own flipping country?!?!?!?!? Bush did a great job securing dangerous areas of Iraq, I’ll give him that, but its time to start withdrawing and letting the Iraqi people clean up their own damn country.

And I agree with you about feeling old. I almost jumped out of my chair in my excitment to read some final Jeopardy! questions. I am old AND a dork. Great…

Comment from Hakushaku
Posted: June 23, 2008 at 10:52 am

– 401K? When I did a really good job with a case, you know what the best bonus I ever received from the Senior Partner was? A McChicken sandwich. Dry, not even any fucking cheese or ketchup or anything. That’s my retirement plan, right there.

Oh wait!, I forgot, I did get a nice Chinese New Year bonus. One of those Chinese red envelopes. Inside? A crisp, brand new, 10 dollar bill. Fuck yeah. Now I can afford that gallon of gas I had my eye on…..for the car I don’t have…..and can’t drive.

– Watermelon Keg: What can I say, not having Watermelon’s naturally filled with alcohol was God’s greatest failure. And the Christian’s think he’s perfect, eh?

Industrious Alcholics = 1. God = 0.

Wait, I forgot about the existence of French Canadians.

Industrious Alcholics = 1. God = -10

– Animal Facts: Oh Girlrobot, I am normally very supportive of your website choices,, but this one does NOT make the grade. Besides the fact that the spelling of these little bon mots is beyond atrocious (Camels have three eye-LIDS! Not brows! I spent 5 minutes starting at that picture think, what the hell is he talking about, there are 2 right there! And a mature BEER is quite delicious, and does run through me quickly, but probably not as fast a horse), there also remains the fact that many of them are outright wrong (snakes can hear, Mosquitos don’t have 47 “teeth,” and many animals sunburn).

Unless of course, you posted this page solely for the quasi-literate comments below it, which make the poster seem like Noah fucking Webster. “Do the needful!”

– Jeopardy: 7 out of 10, for the Hakushaku. Not too shabby. I love the crazy bitch who wrote “cash register” for the June 19th one. You can tell Alex is just like “….uhh, do you even speak English?”

– Steve Punching: I don’t know how he convinces these people to do this in this litigatory day and age, but Steve my man, you’ve got 10 juicy battery lawsuits on your hands! Call me! I promise you I can make one of them stick. Probably against that Rachel Dratch, since she looks like a goblin.

Juries never let goblins win. Especially when they have goblin names.

Ann Coulter:
Well, I appreciate the setup, but trying to break down Coulter’s arguments is like trying to argue a homeless man out of having sex with a mailbox…..I mean, you just don’t know where to start.

She’s a joke on both sides of the isle, and now she’s just desperately flailing for attention by writing the most obnoxious title possible. I’m sure it will be “microwaving liberal babies is fun!” next week.

I have always been amused with the whole “there hasn’t been a single attack on the US since 9/11 with Bush as president!” argument. That’s true.

I also haven’t been raped by a tiger since Bush became president, so I guess we should call him “the slayer of Bengali” from now on, too.

My great solace is that history will not only judge Bush harshly, it will judge him while he’s still alive! Its not gonna take 50 years to realize what a colossal fuck-up he’s been in every aspect of his personal and professional life, and so I’ll get to see him labeled the worst president in history while he’s biking around Crawford in his stupid tight little pants.

And hopefully we can burn Coulter as a witch.

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