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Warning: This Website Will Make You Hungry

I loooooooove looking at food. I really appreciate good food photography. Anyways, there’s a new website called foodgawker that just has tons and tons of yummy looking food with their blog links which usually includes the recipe! You can also sign up for an account and start a list of your favorites. Yumyum…. baked clams […]

Bromance WTF.

Has anyone seen the commercial for that new spinoff show with Brodie Jenner called Bromance? Everytime I watch it I can’t help but laugh at how borderline gay the show is. How much did MTV have to pay him to get him to do this show. In case you don’t know the premise of the […]

Twilight Portrayed By Puppets

This is pretty funny if you’ve seen the movie! And in other Twilight news, I think everybody will be happy to know that there will be a new director for the next movie. I really think the movies could be really great with the right director!

Monday Brain Dump: Antisocial And Introverted

I’m not really friendly. I’m quiet. I have a hard time coming up to new people. I hate small talk. and I’m really shy. I don’t really mean to be so antisocial but I honestly enjoy my own company more than others. It’s just mentally exhausting for me to hang out with people….unless they are […]

Friday Links

Coffee drinks illustrated – if you’ve ever gotten confused about what’s in an expresso etc The magic of makeup and photography – pretty amazing pictures! Google interview process – pretty detailed and interesting read Shaq on twitter – yes it’s the real shaq and he’s pretty funny 19 yr old commits suicide on 4chan – […]

How To Say That Name

I was once on a flight with boyrobot when the flight attendant kept calling out for a passenger named “NIGH-GEN”. It took her a few times before I realized, “wtf. I think she’s talking about me???” You’d think I’d be used to this butchering of my last name…the most common of all vietnamese names: NGUYEN. […]

How To Poach A Chicken

I just poached my first chicken! It’s so easy…I’ll be doing this from now on when I want to add chicken to my salad. I was inspired by this recipe. I didn’t have sake…or even salt and pepper (I’m not home) so all I used was a boneless chicken breast and water. It still came […]

The Economy Sucks, Drink Some Cheap Red Wine

Looking for a cheap red wine? Well according to Slashfood (and even The Times), Recession Red is supposed to be good and inexpensive. It’s only $3.99! The wine’s label says “Times are tough. Toast the simple pleasures.” How fitting, right? Someone try it and tell me how it is!

Brain Dump Mondays: Travel Day

Today I was stuck all day on an airplane. I’m reallllllllly tired. Just wanted to make a quick note that I finally saw Twilight and I’m glad everyone told me how bad the movie was. I went in thinking it was going to be the worst thing ever! You can’t really get disappointed if your […]