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December 2007



Random Links Christmas Eve Special Edition

Some holiday related links:

Web 2.0 Secret Santa – helps you set up secret santa with your friends and has a lot of nifty features. I’ll def have to use this next year and plan a secret santa with my friends!

Creative wrapping at wrap art – I swear, next year I’m going to start planning presents earlier so I actually have the time to try these techniques out!

NYC is known as a major shopping destination and their window displays during the holidays are very popular. If you can’t make it to NYC to see them in person, you can still view them with Fred Flare’s NYC Holiday Window Display Tour

Last minute handmade gifts – don’t bother clicking unless you are crafty inclined!

Really elaborate xmas light show that is played to a techno version of jingle bells
– it’s cool but I think it would be annoying to be his neighbor hehe

Holiday recipe inspiration – The italian cheesecake looks sooo good! and easy to boot!

Meet the real Secret Santa

How to make your own xmas lollipops

Cool story about tracking santa then and now

Cool website that let’s you buy a personalized message video from Santa!

This last link is not xmas related but help this girl get in the Super Bowl. She’s a great singer and made this funny digg song.

Ok everybody, Happy Holidays!!! I will not be posting tomorrow since we’ll all be busy playing with our new toys right? Hope everyone got everything they wanted this year!


Comment from Hakushaku
Posted: December 24, 2007 at 9:15 am

I warned you about them handicrafts!

Btw, will be in town from 2nd to 6th. So prepare to have your playing card boxes destroyed.

Comment from Myra
Posted: December 25, 2007 at 6:47 pm

Merry Christmas Kim!!