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December 2007



Movies Coming Out In 2008

Well 2007 is winding down. In terms of movies, it wasn’t too memorable for me. Harry Potter was really good though and I am looking forward to seeing No Country For Old Men and Juno before the year ends (movie hop anyone?)

Here’s a great list of the movies coming out in 2008. I can’t wait for these movies especially:

21 (trailer) – It’s a movie about those MIT students who counted cards to win tons of money playing blackjack. I love stories of geeks using their brains to do something cool or make lots of money! Plus, you can’t go wrong with Kevin Spacey.

The Changling – I really enjoy Clint Eastwood directed movies and Angelina Jolie and John Malkovich are in it too! Story sounds totally creepy

Cloverfield – Probably the most anticipated movie of 2008.

Fanboys – I love movies that make fun of geeks, especially the biggest of them all Star Wars fans!! hehe

The Happening – Even though I don’t always like M. Night Shamaylan’s movies, I always want to see them cuz I know they will be different!

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince – I hope it’s as good as the last one!!!

Sex And The City: The Movie – One of my favorite tv series….how could I not include this?

Speed Racer – Lots of hype about what the Wachowski Bros are doing to this remake

Star Trek XI – I’m not a trekkie but I heard JJ Abrams is going to bring something totally new to Star Trek and I love his work

Wall-E – I think this has been one of the most talked about Pixar movies ever to come out. Many are touting that it will be the best Pixar movie yet. All I needed to know was that it was about a robot and I’m sold!

Where The Wild Things Are – Loved the book when I was a kid and interested in seeing how it’s adapted

Zack and Miri Make A Porno – The latest Kevin Smith movie. A direct quote from his blog: “Granted, I’m biased because I wrote it; but I really dig this script. It’s funny, bawdy, sexy, dirty, titillating (emphasis on the tit) and dripping with heart. If you were gonna do that movie-description thing, I’d say it’s like Chasing Amy meets Clerks II, with a dash each of Boogie Nights and Bowfinger tossed in.” Sounds like a winner!

Check out the link or IMDB for more information about these movies. Most of them don’t have trailers yet but I’ll be on the lookout for them!