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Don’t Smack A Boxer’s GF

Boycott Dog Cruelty Artist

Edit: Ok, it’s not true. Thanks to Hakushaku for clearing it up. I figured the original source had checked it. Blah, I hate it when I fall for these things! I can’t believe this story is actually true???? In the 2007, the ‘artist’ Guillermo Vargas Habacuc, took a dog from the street, he tied him […]

The Lifetime Fitness Ladder

After a failed attempt to go to Curves tonight (who knew they closed at 7:30!! so early!!), I decided it’s time to take my health and fitness in my own hands. I’ve had this Lifetime Fitness Ladder bookmarked for months but just now got around to reading about it. I like the idea. It’s a […]

Alaska Photo Contest – I Need Your Help!!

I want to enter in this Fodor’s contest where you have to submit a photo from your Alaska trip. Please tell me which photo you like best from my slideshow please??? :) My Alaska Slideshow The winner gets a Garmin Nuvi 760 and a chance for the photo to appear in the next Fodor’s Alaska […]

Crockpot Love

I love crockpots! I’m the laziest cook and crockpots are the epitome of lazy cooking. I just discovered this cool blog where a women decides she is going to crockpot every day for a whole year! She documents her recipes with pictures and a verdict. I’m so inspired. Her latest is korean ribs…yummmm and I […]

Brain Dump Mondays: Geocaching and First Hike

We had our first hike of the year this past Saturday! If you remember, last year I started a hiking group amongst some friends. If anyone lives in the LA area and wants to hike with us, contact me! We did the Mishe Mokwa Trail which was actually kind of challenging for me since I […]

Friday Links

Top 10 most evil human experiments The Indiana Jones handbook Science tatoos – hardcore nerd! America’s Favorite Books – #1 is the bible The fattest states – it’s true. people in the midwest are FAT! The world’s craziest houses the world’s biggest spiderweb. creepy.

I Hate Kids Like These

One of the major stories from this week was about a 13 year old girl who had a school assignment to make a protest sign. She decided to make a sign that said “If you love our nation, stop illegal immigration.” The sign got passed around at lunch and supposedly a group of 20 latino […]

Celebrity Blogs

Did you know these people have blogs??? I know celebrities are just like you and me but it’s hard imagining them sitting in front of a computer, uploading their photos and talking about what they ate for breakfast that morning. Martha Stewart Kanye West John Mayer Paris Hilton I just wish Britney Spears updated her […]

Improv Everywhere

I love this group! I’ve been following them ever since I read about one of their MP3 experiments. They are a group of random people who pull “pranks” in public places. A lot of the times, people like me and you can help get involved! One of their most famous events was when they froze […]